Education is not a finite process

4 approaches:

  • Teachers must be incentivized to do a better job, which will then lead to improvements
  • Try to attract “better” people to become teachers (reasonable compensation, good recruitment practices)
  • Carry out better teacher preparation (improving the curriculum and institutional design)
  • Develop the capacity of teachers currently serving in the system

To improve education we have to invest in teacher education and professional development of teachers. There are no shortcuts for improving education. As can be expected, there is such enormous complexity in the efforts to improve school education systems that each sub-Saharan country and society must be understood in itself. Any efforts to draw out commonalities is fraught with risks of oversimplification and over-abstraction.

There is hardly a country in the world that is not attempting to improve its school education. Countries like Canada and Finland, which already have excellent school systems, are still trying to improve.

Encourage a teacher
Incentivize a rural school teacher
USD $150 / month
Build a rural classroom
Rural students are underserved by local schools
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Learning must be relevant. If we learn skills because we NEED them to do something that matters to us, then we remember them.